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Every Person is Unique

Every single one of us is composed of unique genes and cells,and shaped by unique events. Common sense tells us that each of us has particular needs and problems.Because we are individuals, each "common sense" suggestion set forth in this story is going to apply differently to each of us.
There is no substitute for listing to our bodies needs and reactions. All too often we are willing to let others make decision for us. When it comes to our bodies and feelings, there are no better experts than ourselves.
A Doctor's prescription might cure one person and create a near fatal allergic reaction in another person.
One type of food may add to one's health, while causing indigestion in another person.
One person may thrive on eight hours sleep, while another thrives on only six hours.
A compliment to one person may be an insult to another.
The bottom line is - you are unique and only you can be the judge of what is right for you.
You must determine for yourself how to apply the common sense.. Listen to yourself, and follow your heart and mind.